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Hey, so you want to apply for free web hosting? It’s very easy to apply. Ofcourse we dont accept all applications because we have limited space and data transfer too. We accept websites that has atleast average design and with content that is worthwhile hosting. We do not require you to already have a website online for us to review or even post at our forums. So your description is very important. After you have made your website, we will check to make sure that your website is exactly like the description you gave us. Please read the TOS. Remember, any website violating the TOS will be quickly removed without informing the hostee.

rolex explorer clone


100% English used Any language is accepted
No sub-websites
Forums are allowed but the whole website cannot be the forum

How to

To apply for a free account. Please fill up the form below and click on the button. The description must be as detailed as possible with what you are planning to host. Give us a preview of your design(screenshot) or content IF posssible.

Waiting period

If you’re accepted, we will email you your account details. The waiting duration should be 2-7 days. If you do not hear from us, that means you application has been rejected. You can try to apply again but please do not email us begging for a hosting account because we will simply ignore it.



    Desired Sub-Domain:

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    Website title:


    Screenshot URL(If you have it):

    All the best!


    24 May 2004
    Any language is accepted.

    18 April 2004
    Now you can apply for hosting using the form instead of email. Apply now!