Dudehost::Free Web Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is it really free?
A – Yes, it is free. We will never force you pay for our services.

Q – What will my URL be?
A – http://you.dudehost.net

Q – Do you allow domain hosting
A – No, we do not allow domain hosting and please do not request for it.

Q – How can i access my control panel?
A – http://your.dudehost.net/cpanel/

Q – What is my FTP address?
A – Ftp.you.dudehost.net .

Q – Do you have ads on member sites?
A – No we do not have ads but a link back to Dudehost would be appreciated.

Q – Do you provide support?
A – Yes, but not dedicated support. For any support questions, please email us at [email protected].

Q – How do you make money?
A – Ads displayed on our pages.


24 May 2004
Any language is accepted.

18 April 2004
Now you can apply for hosting using the form instead of email. Apply now!