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Terms or Service

No adult contents(pictures, videos, stories, articles)
No copyrighted files like video or audio
No hotlinking(except for your auctions)
No spamming with your email features
No warez
No links to illegal websites like warez and MP3
No Background-running Programs like IRC bots
No banned scripts like chat scripts
You need to upload your website in 7 days.
The only forum software allowed are PHPBB, XMB and Invision Power Board(IPB). Please ask us before you try other types

Failure to comply with any of our terms & conditions will result in grounds for immediate account deactivation.

Dudehost reserves the right to change, edit, or update the policies contained in this document at any time for any reason without notice.


24 May 2004
Any language is accepted.

18 April 2004
Now you can apply for hosting using the form instead of email. Apply now!